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What else do you want to do in the North Sound?

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The Sand Box

The North Sound on Virgin Gorda is a wonderful place you could spend 3-7 days in. Most people come in for one night and spend it at Bitter End Yacht Club, Saba Rock, or Leverick Bay. Each of these places are well worth the visit and have their own entertainment qualities, but how about a quite beach, like different services, as restaurants, and bars, and maybe some adult services you can get online like Zoom Escorts.

Did you say yes? Well then you might be heading to the back side of Prickly Pear or next to the entrance of the sound between Mosquito Island and the main land. The problem with these wonderful beaches is that they do not have any services.

A different option for you to consider is right in front of you at the corner of Prickly Pear called the Sandbox. This beach bar has a fantastic beach, free flowing bar, deep water right up to the sand, and is right next to Saba and Bitter End, but for some reason is never visited. I go by all the time and it is empty waiting for you to take advantage of its seclusion right in the middle of the busy sound.

As a simple side note, right next to it is a salt pond most do not know exist and I have seen the elusive flamingos fly around and land in this pond (now I just need to get some great pictures of them). The flamingos are not there all the time, but they do visit from time to time so keep your eyes open.

Slat pond at Prickly Pear

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