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Each brother had a perspective

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Check out the ship I foundLet's catch a tarpon, dad!Here turtle, turtle, turtleJump for joy!!!!

My favorite part of the trip was the trip into turtle bay.  The water was crystal clear and really warm and the turtles in the bay were extremely abundant and very comfortable with humans. Some of the turtles are so friendly that when they come up for air they will let you touch them. All the turtles were really cool and they were very interactive with all the snorkelers. I even got to feel one of their shells!!!! So awesome bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  – Cole 15

PS – Shane, your cookies are out of this world shakka for life for liiiiiiife!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PPS – Shane’s cooking was super doper uber!!!!

PPPS – Leala, we became bros and now were tight as dawgs!!!

PPPPS – Loved the boat, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.


My favorite part of the trip was when on the last night out of nowhere hundreds of gigantic tarpon surrounded our boat.  Most of them came very, very close to the surface.  We even got to feed some of them.  It was definitely one of the stranger and cooler parts of the trip. – Jack 13


My favorite part of the trip was the snorkeling in Waterlemon Bay. Closer to the beach, there were over a few MILLION minnows swimming around the island in a gigantic school. The minnows were also getting attacked by tarpon, pelicans, and tuna like fish. The reef in Waterlemon was exploding with vibrant colors around the island. – Alec 13

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