During my hike through the bogs at Lahemaa National Park I found crowberries

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Estonia - Lahemaa NP - Picking Crowberries POTD

On Friday I wrote about my time hiking through the Viru Bogs in the southwestern part of the Lahemaa National Park. What I did not write was that during the second half of the walk I was on dry ground (the first part was on a boardwalk through the bogs) and much fewer people come this way as they turn around and did the board walk back.

This meant I was mostly on my own and when I found a patch of crowberries I sat right down and started picking them. They are delicious and taste similar to blueberries, but tend to grow in arctic and subarctic climates with lots of water (ie a bog, haha).

I had a wonderful time siting there in nature by myself eating wild crowberries in the middle of an Estonian national park. I must say, I do find myself in some interesting situations and I truly am blessed to be able to have such experiences.

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