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Dunkin Dinghies

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I have been learning how to sail aboard the Guiding Light and Captain Shane has been teaching me what and what not to do.

As we were walking one evening on along Trellis Bay we came across some examples of what not to do. Some of the dinghies were under water!  Oh I am not talking about people, yes we all know one (probably with big blonde hair and…….now, now let’s be nice) I am talking the little, usually rubber, boats used to ferry passengers and groceries aboard.

So it has become a theme. Dunkin Dinghies. When we see them we take a pic and Shane always says, “That is what you don’t want to do!”  And I say, “ Aye Aye Captain Obvious!”

Unfortunately we came across the previous tender (same as dinghy just a fancier name) of the Guiding Light. She was sold and since neglected and is half sunk right now.  Poor thing!

So people, I say, love your dinghies whether people or tender, and don’t let them get underwater.

-Mermaid Pirate McGee

[Shane – I was told the old Temptation was run over by the pump out boat in Charlotte Amalie harbor]

Dunkin dinghy The old temptation



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