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You know what I hate? I hate stuff on Facebook that has a title like “He did blah blah and you will never guess what happened” or “I am going to do THIS from now on” or “You will never guess what this puppy did”. You know what I mean, titles that are drama filled just to pull you in. I hate it, because if it is that great then just say what it is and then maybe I will read the rest of the article. The sad part is that it works and people click on them all the time, which of course makes the bloggers do it even more.

It has even reached cruising blogs. I see them all the time with titles like “We have big plans coming” and then you read the blog and at the end they say they will reveal it in the near future but not now. Or “we changed our sailing plans and guess where we are now”, but they never say it in the blog hoping you come back over the next few days to find out.

One thing I have always strove for is to be informative and entertaining, without resorting to the drama to attract readers. So I promise you that I will continue to write blogs and show photos and videos about the different things I see, cruising tips I find, my travels, and other tid bits of information I find interesting without involving DRAMA. The only time I will say check back is if I want to tell you about a photo or video that will be coming out on the designated day or what I am writing is too long and needs to be multiple blogs or I am going somewhere I am excited about and will write about as soon I can.

With that said I try to have new material every day and as of right now my weekly schedule is:

Sunday – Guest blog or my traditional big blog

Monday – Chartering “Photo of the day”

Tuesday – A shorter blog about something interesting (upcoming events, news, ect)

Wednesday – Underwater “Photo of the day”

Thursday – Another short blog (new recipe, working on the boat, places to go, ect)

Friday – A misc “Photo of the day” that is about whatever I want

Saturday – The “Video of the week” (short clips of wildlife, 1-2 minute edited videos, or travel videos

How does that sound to you? Do you like drama free sites?

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