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Dragon Fruit!!!!!

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My girlfriend, Lily and I have been touring her home country of Mexico for the last several weeks. We started in Cancun and have been traveling the entire Yucatan. One fun thing for me is that even though we are in her country, the fruit in this area is more in common with the Caribbean and I have been introducing her to new fruits in here own country.

The biggest one is called a dragon fruit, called tuna in Spanish (nothing to do with the fish which they call atun). We have found road side vendors selling it for $1-$2 each. This is a HUGE discount for me since I see it in the Caribbean for $8-12 each….Did you read that EACH! That is way too much money for a piece of fruit. Haha. The dragon fruit is delicious and super easy to peel. After that you just cut it and eat everything.

Some other fruits I have shown her are the genips (pronounced ge (as in the first part of Guinea) nip), breadfruit, and star fruit. She has liked all of them, but the dragon fruit is her favorite new fruit and she has even gotten them as a fruit juice drink they have in Mexico called agua de fruta (which I will defiantly be talking about in the future because I love them!!!!).

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