Don’t be THAT guy!

By September 11, 2014 No Comments

There is nothing more awesome than cruising up to a long stretch of shore and having it all to yourself. You pick the perfect spot, so you can enjoy the beach and a swim around a small reef. Everything is great until another boat comes along and decides that out of the entire 2-3 miles of shoreline, all of which is protected the same and there are multiple beaches along it, he wants to anchor 50 feet away from you.

This has happened to me several times to me. I understand the impulse to go near someone because they either know something cool or you are afraid to explore the shore in your boat, but don’t be that guy.  If someone has gotten off the beaten track and found a slice of paradise to enjoy DO NOT anchor right next to him when you are looking for your paradise.  Instead explore the coast and find your own little spot away from the other boat so you both can enjoy paradise as if you have it all to yourself!!!!

Parked on top of me

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