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Donkey basketball?

By November 22, 2015 No Comments
Donkey basketball 2

This year I have set foot four different continents and seen several things that I have never heard of before, but it was not until I made it to Missouri that I was truly stunned. While there a friend asked if I wanted to go watch a donkey basketball game. I of course thought he was pulling my leg, because who would think that donkey basketball was a real thing!?!?! Turns out it is real as five donkeys per team are lead onto the court by their rider. The rules are just like basketball except there is no dribbling and in order to pass, shoot, or move with the ball you have to be on your donkey.

In case you did not know it donkeys are stubborn, so they did not do exactly what the riders wanted them to do. In fact the smaller ones would buck. It was hilarious to watch someone think they are getting a break away, jump on their donkey, and then have that donkey buck them head over heels in front of them. There were times a ball would slowly roll past someone just out of reach and they would head towards on foot with the reins in their hands only to be jerked short because the donkey did not want to go any further. Besides a regular riding stance I also saw people on their donkey backwards, sideways, and laying across them just to take a shot or make a pass.

The entire time I could not help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. The $8 entrance fee used as a fund raiser was well worth the entertainment value. Now when people ask me what is the most bizarre thing I have seen in my world travel, I will have to tell you to visit website that starts with “well there was this time in Missouri…..”

Donkey basketball 1 Donkey basketball 2

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