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Do I need this part????

By January 3, 2017 No Comments

Last season I was working in the starboard engine compartment changing the oil or something when I found a part I did not recognize. Of course I became concerned and keep trying to figure out what the part was and where it went. The problem (a good one indeed) is that the engine was not acting up with the pictured part not attached wherever it goes.

When I finally showed it to a mechanic he immediately said it was a fuel shut off valve, which was my guess  (honest I did think this before he said it) but the engine was shutting off just fine without it. To this he said that it is because that particular part does not go on my engine. It is meant for a larger one.

Turns out a mechanic I had look at it at the beginning of last season must have dropped it and gave me fits since I picked it up thinking things were going to go wrong due to the part missing from the engine.

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