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Do dolphins count as a distraction?

By February 21, 2019 One Comment
Dolphins 1

Dolphins 2I decided today I was going to write about my typical day when I am not on charter. How I get up, have breakfast, stretch, write, work on boat projects, etc. The problem is that I don’t have typical days, since each day brings new projects, challenges, and delights. For example, as I was busy writing I got interrupted with some friends stopping by to say there are dolphins in the bay and I had to come with them. How much more of an invitation do you need. Let’s go!

Dolphins 3Sure enough there were two couple swimming slowly together around the cove. They had been there for half an hour already and did not mind us following in the dinghy. After ten minutes of watching and photographing these magnificent animals the lady of the couple said she wanted to swim with them and I told her they really should. That is all the prompting she needed and after we got her and her boyfriend’s snorkel gear, they hopped in and were able to swim ten feet behind the four dolphins for at least 15 minutes and more like 20. They came up pooped and excited at the same time. It was a life changing event for them.

Dolphins 4I decided I need to hope in also, so after getting my gear I spent 30 minutes following all four dolphins also. Again, I was within ten feet and they were ok when I dove down with them and just watched me swimming underwater with them. As I followed (and snapped about a hundred photos) I watched as one of them always swam under the other and kept bumping its belly with its head. It also seems like the top one had a bulge, so maybe she was pregnant.

As we were snorkeling with the dolphins with the dinghy following as a support boat, more and more people from other boats started hopping in and swimming with them also. When the four dolphins migrated to the other end of the bay there were snorkelers scattered everywhere. The dinghy started picking each one up like he was playing Monkeys In A Barrel.

Dolphins 5Even though I was getting pretty worn out after swimming after them for half an hour I just could not force myself away. I guess it was lucky that they finally left the bay and I was able to finally rest. 😊 Just when you think everyday on a boat is the same, along comes something to distract you and cause an internal stir in your soul. Man what a great day!!!!

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