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Directions to get to the Darby Sink Hole in Barbuda

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Darby Sink Hole in Barbuda 3
Darby Sink Hole in Barbuda 1

The sink hole from the top

On Tuesday I gave you directions to two different caves and the Codrington plantation house. I also told you to come back and I would give you directions to the very cool Darby Sink Hole, which is across the plateau the Barbudians call the “Highlands”. It is a couple hundred

Darby Sink Hole in Barbuda 2

The palm forest in the middle of the sink hole

feet across and around 50 feet down. Inside you will find the cliff over hanging and a palm trees forest in the middle.

The path starts at the plantation house and is tricky to follow your first time (kind of easy to get lost). I recommend hiring a guide and George Jeffery cannot be beat (VHF: Garden of Eden or phone: 788-7067). With that warning out of the way here are the directions that should get you to the Darby Sink Hole:

  • Starting point for the sink hole in Barbuda

    This is the building with the tile floor you should pass right away

    Take the path to the left of the cook house

  • You should pass a building with nicely carved stone floor on your right
  • Cross over a small foundation
  • Go between two nice stone gates
  • It will be a 45-minute walk on a red trail
  • When the trail goes over limestone there will be a red path over it.
  • There are two spots where you could get confused, take the left both times
  • Sink Hole - Foundation

    Cross over this foundation

    There should be yellow ribbon or small stone piles every now and then to help you

  • The trail will run right into the sink hole and you need to go right a bit to go down in it
intersection to Barbuda sink hole

This is one of the places you need to take the left fork

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