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Did you know vexillology is the study of flags?

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Flags are flying

I have to admit that I did not know that until I was looking up other ways to say that I raised the flags on the boat and they are now flapping in the wind.

Every season I start out with new flags and The American flag is placed in the back on the topping lift. Like ashore, on a boat the American flag is raised in the place of honor, but unlike ashore this does not necessarily mean that it is the highest flag. You see flying over the cockpit is considered to be the place of honor. While the courtesy flag for the country you are visiting is raised to the top of the spreaders on the starboard side and the port side is the fun side.

I make sure the American flag is the larger of any flag I fly, but I have learned not to go too big because it is amazing what the wind will do to flags when they are flapping. My American flag is 24×30 inch, while my other flags are 12×18 inch.

On the Starboard side I will fly the BVI and USVI flags (not required for US registered boats, but I thought it would be nice this year), depending on where I am,  and if you go to another country you fly the yellow quarantine flag until you have cleared in and then raise that countries courtesy flag.

On the port side I always fly a pirate flag and this year is no different. My new one is a simple skull and crossbones. I would love to also fly Texas and Colorado  flags to show where I came from, but I have not found them down here yet. I guess I will have to order them online, sometime.

With that said I salute you and will strike (as in lowering the flag) this post. 

Flags are flying

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