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Design flaw found when changing hatches

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Changing hatches

Another boat improvement I just completed is changing out five more hatches on the boat. This is a continuation of the hatches in the heads I replaced. Again I went with the Ocean series Lewmar hatches. I choose Lewmar because it is what I already had meaning I did not have to cut the holes bigger. Plus they are good hatches.

When I pulled the old ones off the front of the solon I noticed what I consider to be a design flaw with the Lagoon 410. You see the hatch is attached to Plexiglas that wraps around the solon for the windows instead of stopping the Plexiglas before the hatch and building a fiberglass wall for the hatch.

Changing hatches

The problem is the Plexiglas has cracked over the years of sailing and water can get in. I have a few ideas on how to fix the water coming in, but it would have been so much easier if Lagoon had mounted the hatch onto fiberglass instead of taking the less labor intensive route of wrapping the Plexiglas.

Hatch issue

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