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Day 10 – Check out the vlog about the Dead Sea area of Jordan

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Remains of a church site first built 1600 years ago where Jesus was bapitzed

As my mom and I continue to write about the three week trip my parents went on with me in Israel and Jordan, you will find today I made a video blog (vlog) about the Dead Sea area. In the vlog you will see me baptize my dad, look out on the Promise Land where Moses did, and float in the Dead Sea itself. Check it out and make sure you read what my mom had to say in her Facebook post below.

[Mom – September 16, 2019 – Today was one of the most exciting and special days we have had in a long time. Both Bill and I were baptized by our son, Shane , in the River Jordan a few feet from where Jesus was baptized (the site where archaeologists and religious leaders think His baptism took place is now dry due to changes in the river). We serve a mighty God! Our other adventures today included swimming in the Dead Sea, visiting Mount Nebo (the site where Moses went to view the Promise Land), and going to the heart of Amman (capital of Jordan) where we met up with a friend that Shane had met on his previous trip to Jordan. We bought a sand sculpture in a coke bottle that we got to watch him make. The city is a busy place.]

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