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Cruzan rum is the answer! What was the question?

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Cruzan rum on it's way out

When I was on St Croix two weeks ago another activity we did was tour the Cruzan Rum factory, where rum has been made by the same family since 1760. Think about that for a minute. One family making rum for over 250 years. With that much experience you would expect them to be good at it and guess what? They are!!!!

The tour starts by showing you tankers of molasses unloading. This is the basis of rum and unfortunately St Croix does not grow sugar cane, which molasses come from, any more so Cruzan has to import all their molasses from Central America.

The next stop is the second best on the whole tour. This is the warehouse where hundreds and hundreds of barrels are stored as they age the rum. You also get to see where they dump all the rum and fill tanker trucks with the aged rum. Now it will be shipped to Kentucky to have different flavors added and to be bottled. After it is bottled 15% of the product gets shipped back to the Virgin Islands (makes perfect to ship a product somewhere just to ship it back, right?).

Well stocked with Cruzan rum

Need to stock up for a party? How about an entire warehouse of rum in barrels aging?

The last stop is everyone’s favorite, because it is the bar where they give you 5-6 samples of your choices of the different rums. As if that was not enough for the $8 tour fee, they also make you two different rum cocktails to try. What a deal!!!!

As many of my friends know, I am not the biggest drinker, but Cruzan Rum is my favorite rum and when I make the “Drink of the Day” on my charters I only use their rum. I love all the flavored rum they make and Key Lime is my favorite (all you need is ice and you have a cocktail!). If you want to go down to St Croix and visit the factory yourself let me know. We can talk about doing a fun charter down there.

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