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With cruising permit in hand, we explored the islands of Anguilla

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Anguilla - Islands - Pear - Us
Anguilla - Islands - Sandy

Perfect little Sandy Island

As I told you on Tuesday, Anguilla was wonderful except for the fact you need a cruising permit to go anywhere except the main anchorage of Road Bay. This cost me $56 for one day, but we made the most of it and visited Little Bay (our favorite beach and one I wrote about last Thursday) and three of the four offlaying islands that are part of the National Parks.

Just one and a half miles from Road Bay is Sandy Cay. This perfect sandy island is not much more than a sand bar with a bar on it. It reminds me of Sandy Spit in the BVI and is a very popular spot for people to go. There are a couple mooring balls plus room to anchor outside the little reef around the island. If you do not have a boat you can take the water taxi out there for only $10 round trip. You can’t beat that price!!!!

Anguilla - Islands - Pear - Anchorage Side

This is a cool place you can swim ashore on Prickly Pear

Five miles to the northwest are the Prickly Pear Islands. The anchorage is on the southwest corner where you leave the big boat and take the dinghy around to the north side where a great beach with two bars on either side comes into view. I scouted the shore where you anchor and I found a spot you may be able to pull the dinghy up a smooth section of rock. If you don’t like that then there is another spot next to it, where there is a cool little sandy spot between the rocky shore allowing you to swim ashore. From her you simply walk around the island to the beach.

Anguilla - Islands - Dog - Pond

The salt pond on Dog Island.

Another five miles to the northwest you will find Dog Island. The only anchorage is on the southwest corner where you find a steep sandy beach. There is nothing here except for the fantastic beach, a gorgeous salt pond, and some snorkeling. We had so much fun playing on the beach until the park closed at 7pm and everyone is supposed to leave. Dog island is a great jumping off spot to sail to the Virgin Islands, because it puts you 10 miles closer. This is what we did at the end of our 6-week cruise.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about each island we visited. I cannot wait until next year when I take another cruise starting around mid-April until the end of July. Anyone want to go with me?

Anguilla - Islands - Dog - Beach

Melek letting everyone know we were on Dog Island!

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