My cruising legs are begging me to stretch them

By March 9, 2017 One Comment
At anchor

As many of you know this is my sixth year of runny charters in the Virgin Islands. I know I have been fortunate to travel in the offseason to some wild locations, but I have a big itch to get back to my cruising roots.

Therefore, starting April 13th I am taking seven weeks off to cruise the upper Caribbean before I have to return to St Thomas to finish the season with three charters (then it is the offseason, but those plans are for an entirely different blog, haha).

Of course when I tell people this they wonder what the upper Caribbean entails. I will be exploring the islands from Anguilla down to Montserrat. Other people tell me I HAVE to see The Saints off Guadeloupe and also Dominica, but these will have to wait until next year (check out the blog next Tuesday to read about my future plans).

Some of the highlights I am looking forward to exploring and sharing with my readers are:

St Martin – the smallest landmass shared with two counties. It is split between the French and the Dutch.

St Barts – The ritzy, glitzy playground of the rich and famous. Mega yachts need to make room….The Guiding Light is coming to town!

Antigua & Barbuda – A tiny island nation made up of two island and an uninhabited rock. It has forts, beaches, and seclusion.

Montserrat – A volcano erupted here in 1995 and two thirds of the island is still uninhabitable.

St Kitts & Nevis – Another tiny country that is dripping with Caribbean charm.

Saba – A stunningly vertical island that was fought over multiple times. Now it is Dutch and supposed to be a place you don’t want to leave, but can not stay very long (there is no true anchorage).

Of course I will be sharing my experiences through my blog and I hope you are as excited to read about this cruise as I am to take it. In fact, do you have any suggestions on where I should go or things to do on each of these islands?

Map of where I will go

One Comment

  • Michael says:

    HI Shane,

    Thanks for shouting out today. We are in Benures Bay, Norman. It is beautiful and calm.

    Hey, I had already read your post this morning before you radioed. I HAVE to ask you a question. 🙂

    What is a “runny” charter? Proof read your first sentence and edit I presume to running.

    See, I am not only reading your blog, but paying attention!



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