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This is going to sound strange on a sailing blog, but I am writing this entry in a car driving to the middle of Missouri with my parents to visit my 91 year old grandma.

I spent this week in Dallas, TX visiting my parents, spending time with my close friends, and reconnecting with people I grew up with in the church.

I flew in last Saturday afternoon and my Dad came to pick me up. He never told my Mom I was coming so early in the week. Instead he asked if she would like to have lunch at a place he knew near the airport. Well by the time I saw them she practically walked right up to me in the middle of the airport and was still looking around for this restaurant my Dad talked about. To say she was surprised would be understating it just a bit.

During this week my parents pool was used for two different kids birthday parties (this is not unusual), two of the three sisters who babysat me when I was 1-5 years old happened to stop by to visit with my parents, I submitted my passport renewal form, added my Dad to my checking account (it is hard to write a check from a remote paradise), visited Troop 33 and chatted with my scoutmaster Jim R. (one of the best story tellers you will meet) for over an hour, and went to a BBQ.

I made bread using the recipe I use on the boat and my parents liked it so much they wanted more to take to a Friday night domino party. Also, I tried to play soccer, but the center would not let me play with this team that needed me because I was not on the roster by the third game. I am planning on coming back and spending all of August here, so I will play as much as I can at that time.

Well wish me luck “cruising around” Missouri.

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