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3 Ways to Feed Your Travel Bug During Covid-19

| Travel | No Comments

It’s a tough time for travelers at the moment. With social distancing measures, travel bans, and lockdowns in place all over the world, it will be a while before people…

Goats and chickens is what we have a lot of down in the islands

| Caribbean, Grenada, Photos | No Comments

During one of my hikes I came across these two goats standing on a pile of rocks munching away. I thought it was a good shot and simply wanted to…

Isn’t this how all powerline workers do it?

| Caribbean, Grenada | No Comments

I hope everyone is had a great Thanksgiving. I found this powerline on a hike I did in Grenada. Apparently the line sagged down so instead of tensioning it up…

Traveling to Grenada amidst Covid – YouTube Live

| Caribbean, Grenada, Video | No Comments

I hope you join me in a few hours (Wednesday 11am EST) for a new YouTube live video where I am going to explain the entire process of what I…

Chocolate comes from cocoa pods….yummy!

| Caribbean, Grenada, Photos | No Comments

On Friday I told you about a hike I did up to the Concord Waterfall in Grenada once I got out of quarantine and on Sunday I told you about…

Nutmeg is the reason Grenada is the Spice Island

| Caribbean, Grenada | No Comments

During my hike up to the Concord Waterfall in Grenada, that I told you about on Friday, I was lucky enough to come across a couple nutmeg trees. This amazing…

Hiking Concord Waterfall after getting quarantine freedom

| Caribbean, Grenada | No Comments

Getting back to the boat this year has been more difficult than usual, as you would expect with Covid out there. I’ll detail my experience next week with a YouTube…

Look at me. I’m a mountain man now!

| Life Ashore, North America, USA | No Comments

I always spend the end of Hurricane Season in Colorado visiting friends and family and this year is no exception. The benefit I have had this off season is that…

This may turn into an expensive hobby

| Life Ashore, Misc stuff, Photos | No Comments

Over the last couple years I have enjoyed watching car shows and have gotten more and more interested in older cars. Don’t get me wrong, I do not need a…

Happy Halloween to everyone

| Misc stuff, Photos | No Comments

I found these street decorations for Halloween in Loveland, Colorado when I was visiting some friends. I think this bar hit it out of the park. What do you think?

Kansas City has quite a few cool things to see

| North America, USA | No Comments

When my daughter visited me at my parent’s house for Labor Day weekend we drove down to Kansas City and spent the morning and early afternoon exploring before her flight…

Does my family have a morbid sense of humor?

| Life Ashore, Misc stuff | No Comments

I mean how many families would get a three generation photo with their parent’s unused (as of yet, knock on wood) tombstone? The saddest part is that as soon as…