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Why It’s Always a Good Idea to Just Take it Slow with Traveling

| Travel | No Comments

Chances are high that you’re having to rush in daily life; why would you want to force yourself to rush during your vacations, too? Traveling is supposed to be an…

Enjoying the sail

The Unknown Health Benefits Of Sailing

| Cruising, Offshore, Travel | No Comments

Whether you’re sailing as a hobby in your spare time or thinking about chartering a boat for the vacation of a lifetime, sailing has loads of hidden benefits you don’t…

Make Any Travel Or Vacation So Much Simpler With These Tips

| Guest's Post & Comments | No Comments

Everybody on this planet deserves to head out on holiday. We get through a lot of work and we have so many responsibilities. A break every now and again for…


| Caribbean, Guatemala | No Comments

If you ever cruise Western Caribbean/Central America you will quickly find out the best place to be during hurricane season is in Guatemala’s Rio Dulce (or Sweet River). Given that…

Why You Should Explore New Cities in Winter: Snow, Snuggles, and Surprises!

| Misc stuff | No Comments

While some of you are busy dreaming of beachy getaways and sun-kissed tans, I’m over here cozying up in my favorite sweater, sipping hot cocoa, and planning my next snowy…

Chad Snorkeling a reef

Snorkeling the Bay Islands

| Caribbean, Honduras, Video | No Comments

Want to know what it is like to snorkel in the Bay Islands of Honduras? Check out this video Lily and I made. The fun part about this one is…

What to do if you are taking on water

| Working on the boat | 4 Comments

No captain wants to hear the words “we are taking on water”, but if it does I hope you can resolve it as successfully as we did. Sadly, I ran…

Cruising Belize & Rio Dulce (part 3)

| Belize, Caribbean, Guatemala | No Comments

Our chosen hurricane hole for this year was 20 miles up the Rio Dulce in Guatemala. Not only is this a secure place to leave the boat, but is an…

Cruising Down Belize (part 2)

| Belize, Caribbean | No Comments

Belize has three of the four atolls in the Caribbean and Turneffe Atoll is the closest. From San Pedro we sailed 25 mile SE to the northern end of the…

Cruising Our Way Down Belize – part 1

| Belize, Caribbean | No Comments

We had one of the most frustrating AND breathtaking beginnings in Belize. We had just spent three and half days on passage from Cuba to Belize and sadly less than…

Resealing a hatch

| Working on the boat | No Comments

I just submitted the following article to be published in a How To section of a sailing magazine. As a loyal follower of ours I always like to give you…

OUR TOP 10 IN BELIZE (part 2)

| Belize, Caribbean | No Comments

A couple weeks ago I shared an article I wrote about the Top 10 in Cuba and it was picked up by All At Sea as the beginning of a…