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Bike riding through the Coba Mayan ruins

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Archaeological evidence indicates that Cobá was first settled between 50 BC and 100 AD. At that time, there was a town with buildings of wood and palm fronds and flat platforms. The only archaeological evidence of the time are fragments of pottery. After 100 AD, the area around Coba evidenced strong population growth, and with it an increase in its social and political status among Maya city states which would ultimately make Coba one of the biggest and most powerful city states in the northern Yucatán area. Between 200 and 600 AD, Coba must have dominated a vast area. This power resided in its control of large swaths of farmland, control over trading routes, and — critically for a Mayan city — control over ample water resources.

After 600 AD, the emergence of Chichén Itzá altered the political spectrum in the Yucatán peninsula and began eroding the dominance of Coba. Beginning around 900 or 1000 AD, Coba must have begun a lengthy power struggle with Chichén Itzá, with the latter dominating at the end as it gained control of key cities. After 1000 AD, Coba lost much of its political weight among city states, although it maintained some symbolic and religious importance. This allowed it to maintain or recover some status, which is evidenced by the new buildings dating to the time 1200-1500 AD, now built in the typical Eastern coastal style. However, power centers and trading routes had moved to the coast, forcing cities like Coba into a secondary status. Coba was abandoned at the time the Spanish conquered the peninsula around 1550.

The cool part about visiting Coba is that you can rent bikes and ride through the jungle from building to building. It is quite impressive to see a huge stone pyramid appear in fron of you in the jungle. Check out the short video I made showing how cool Coba is. If you ever visit Coba make sure to check out the four cool cenotes that are around it. They are just as cool as the ruins.

I am putting together a travel video about our second week in Mexico and Coba and the cenotes will be featured in it. We are calling this episode Mayans & Cenotes because we traveled the entire Yucatan Peninsula checking out as many Mayan ruins and cenotes as we can. It will have lots of info plus be lots of fun as you watch Lily and I interact around Mexico!!!! The video will post on YouTube so you can Subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon to be notified as soon as it airs.

In the mean time you can click the link to watch the first week in Mexico called Beaches & Islands, which features from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. Make sure you FOLLOW me on your preferred social media platform ( InstagramTikTokYouTubeFacebook, and Twitter) so you do not miss one bit of our travels through Lily’s country of Mexico.


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