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Clifton on Union Island is a great place to hang out

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Clifton on Union Island

The only bad part about the town of Clifton on Union Island is the harbor is either too shallow or too deep to anchor. It sits behind a reef that offers perfect protection, but the local boat boys will tell you they do not want anyone anchoring between the reef and the mooring balls because they are trying to get the sea grass to grow back and this is where all the kite surfers make their runs (this has become kind of a headquarters for kite surfing in the Windward islands). I actually agree

Tobago National Park building

Tobago National Park building

with them about getting the sea grass to grow back and the moorings are nice official once from the Tobago National Park I told you about last week, so pick up the mooring, pay the fee, and be done with it! ????

Once ashore you will find a wonderful little village with the airport just next door. What amazed me the most is the number of signs for historic information. You just do not get that type of info on most small islands. The entire town is only a couple blocks wide, but the main street is where all the shops are.

Clifton dinghy lagoon

Dinghy lagoon entrance

My favorite places in town where the dinghy lagoon, where they have a small basin with a bridge over it, so you have to go through a tunnel to park your dinghy. So cool! The second thing is the vendor’s market, which is nice little shacks placed on the outer edge of an open space making a little park.

Besides walking the main street, having a roti, and getting ice cream (from one of the way more stores than you would expect) you have several options of things to do. You can take a one mile boat ride to Palm Island (Tuesday’s blog), stay in the harbor and visit Happy Island (Thursday’s blog), walk a little over a mile to the west and visit Frigate Island (next Sunday’s blog), Walk to the north and visit Sparrow’s Resort (next Tuesday’s blog), and snorkel the reef (next Thursday’s blog). Each of these activities was rewarding in their own way and I hope you will take the time to come back and read each one.

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