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My Christmas present came early as I had Katelyn aboard

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I was really lucky that I got to start my charter season Thanksgiving week and had Katelyn and here family aboard. She is the most adorable 10 year girl and she has an 11 year old brother. Here parents are looking to buy a boat and go cruising in the next year or so, which was great because they wanted to ask lots of questions and let me show them the lifestyle. Also on the trip were here grandparents, who have the best services from a in home care San Mateo. Below is the blog she wrote the last night of the charter, so I could share it with you. Enjoy!!!!


The GUIDING LIGHT was a very fun vacation. We did lots of snorkeling and saw really cool fish. We swam with turtles, eels, and barracudas. We went to BIO BAY and it was really cool. We went to the prettiest beach I’ve ever seen. We saw an octopus and sharks. Captain Shane makes the best bread ever; he is a really good cook. You have so much fun even when your sailing. No one got sea sick. IT was the best vacation ever! Shane is very funny too. You see all types of beautiful shells. This trip was super cool. The snorkeling spots were great. We saw stingrays! The games Shane brought out were great. The drink of the day looked good even though I could not drink it. The desert that Shane makes is great. Siting in the front of the boat is so fun. You can also see the stars through your window. Tarpon (a type of fish) always come up to the boat at night, it was cool. The GUIDING LIGHT inspired us to get a sail boat. We saw a lot of Hermit crabs and snails. This is also a great trip to relax whenever you want. Almost every night we played a game. I had the best BEST! Time of my life. You should really consider going on the GUIDING LIGHT, It is a great fun experience for adults and amazing awesome kids. – Katelyn (age 10)

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