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Chihuly exhibit at Denver Botanical Garden

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Chihuly - boat with glass balls Chihuly - purple and greenChihuly - black & yelow swans Chihuly - white and pink glass tree

While I was in Denver I was asked to go to the Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanical Garden and when I told people I was going they either said they loved it or they wanted to go soon. I ended up going in the evening with my cousins and a delightful date and I was absolutely blown away!!!!!

You see the exhibit is huge blown (see the pun from earlier) glass art work by Dale Chihuly in the setting of the garden. At night the lights really make it pop. One of the most famous pieces is a fireball of curving yellow, red, and orange glass rods and must measure 12-15 across.

In ascending order my favorite pieces are pictured above.

#4 is a dinghy willed with colored glass spheres. How could I not like one with a boat? To me this one was wonderful because of the lighting. It was set just right.

#3 are straight purple rods with a green glass plant growing in front of it. The rods must have been 6-8 feet tall and the whole thing was set in a pond, but it was the striking color change from the purple to the green which caught my eye.

#2 are black and yellow “swans”. This one is actually quite small (3 feet or so tall), but he shaped the glass as if it was a flock of 5-8 swans right off the path.

And my #1 favorite piece is a 25 foot white and pink tree set in a fountain. The fountain is not running so the water is mirror calm. My cousin and I both said it reminded us of the Crystal Entity from Star Trek: TNG. Hey guys think alike I guess.

If you get the chance to see Dale Chihuly’s work you will not be disappointed. I guarantee it!

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