Check out what I found on Hiiumaa Island in Estonia

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Back in mid August I was on the Estonian island of Hiiumaa, which is know for its lighthouses as I wrote yesterday. Well, as I was almost to Tahkuna Lighthouse I saw something out the corner of my eye hidden in the woods. There was something about it that made me pull over and check it out.

Turns out I stumbled on World War II era defensive bunkers that used to house artillery guns. I found two of them and another structure that must have been the command post and barracks. All of this was buried underground, but I had to check it out. Using the flashlight on my phone I walked in and even though there are two entrance tunnels they both lead to the only steel door. Inside there are many rooms and one of them had equipment on the wall that I believe is where artillery shells are passed out to the gun outside.

In order to take the photos I took from inside the bunker (sorry I did not have the right equipment because I would have loved to be able to show you better photos) I had to turn the flashlight off to use the camera on my phone. Being by yourself in the dark in an old Soviet military bunker, let me tell you……IT WAS CREEPY!!!!! I found myself thinking (right after I tuned the light off) that if zombies are going to attack it would be now. Haha

The gun emplacement

Outside I found the entrance tunnels and the massive mound of dirt covering the bunker, but I also found the circular area that the artillery would have been attached. This area was pretty cool to see how they engineered it, but not as neat as checking out the bunker itself. It is finds like this that make me want to seek out the less tourist places. You never know what you will find when you travel. 🙂


  • Shane says:


    Have fun and let me know what you think about it and if you find any more secrets.


  • alex says:

    how cool. I am going to the island next week. I hope to find that place as well. I will bring my flashlight 🙂

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