Charter is over and now it is time to go cruising for 6 weeks!!!!!

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Map of where I will go

Yesterday I finished a charter with a great family and my girlfriend, Melek, flew back into town. It is time for us to start a six-week cruise down island. Half a year ago, I blocked from now until the beginning of June out, so I could have this time.

Today we are heading to the far end of the BVI to stage for an overnight crossing to St Martin. Once there we will probably continue to St Barts instead. From here it is time to relax and explore. I want to spend time in St Barts and a week and a half to two weeks in Antigua and Barbuda. From there I hope we go to Montserrat (to see the volcano), St Kitts and Nevis, and Saba (which I am told is super cool). By this point we will have a week or two left and will choice to explore St Martin or show her some of the BVI.

If we do not get to St Martin this cruise then I will definitely see it next year on the way farther south.

Of course, we will tell you all about our time aboard the boat cruising and what we saw on each island. These blogs will start in two week in order to give us time to get there, explore, and write about it. I hope each and every one of you will keep checking back to find out what trouble we get into. Haha

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