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Charleston rocks….except for the humidity

By June 27, 2010 No Comments

Visiting history to learn from our mistakesLeaning about new thingsThe things I see while teaching sailingWe arrived at Charleston on an outgoing tide so the current was against us as we went up the Ashley River.  It took a while, but we made it to our anchorage before dark.  We spent Monday relaxing on the boat in the morning and then took the bikes ashore and rode around town.  Charleston is a great town because of all the colonial architecture and the fact you can get around by bicycle.  The only bad thing is the humidity.  I took a shower on Sunday night and I was almost dried off when we left on Thursday morning :).

On Tuesday we met up with Southern Cross and we all took the ferry to Ft Sumter, which is the fort where the first shot of the Civil War was fired.  It was very interesting, but seemed small compared to the other forts of the same era I have visited on my travels.

The next day we rode our bikes to their boat and picked up the water taxi to see the USS Yorktown, which is an aircraft carrier built in 1943.  This was the first aircraft carrier I have been on and I was amazed at it’s size.  It had everything a small town would have (barber, dentist, doctor, store, cobbler, ect) plus the various boat systems and then an airport on top.  The admission also let us see the Clayamore submarine (I have seen several WW2 subs and have desided they did not make them for my hight) and a Vietnam forward camp.

We left Charlestown on Thursday and traveled for 12-14 hours and did the same again on Friday.  On Saturday we made it to Wrightsville Beach at noon.   Mark & Megan, a friend and his wife, visited for the night and will probable return next weekend.

Melissa’s house is only nine miles away so we are going to do a bit of running around and work on the boat while we are here.

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