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The caves of Barbuda and how to get there

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Cave in Barbuda

Last Thursday Melek told you about our adventure of biking across the island of Barbuda to see some caves and the windward side beach. Today I want to give you directions to everything we did since there are zero signs and the directions you are given can be a bit on the sketchy side. Haha.

Cliff of Barbuda

At the base of the cliff before we went to the top via a cave

Everything below you can do on a tour, but they seem a bit expensive… I like to explore on my own a lot. The first thing is to ride your bike out of the town of Codrington (the only town on the island ????) using River Rd which turns into Two Foot Bay Road. You will have to ride about 3 miles as you approach the “Highlands” and go around the northern portion. Just so you know, when they say highlands what they are really talking about is a 125 foot or so tall plateau.

Once you make it to the beach there are two caves I want you to explore. The cooler of the two is the one that start at the bottom of the cliff and ends up at the top of it. This “incline” cave is at the end of the road with a sea grape tree picnic area and a trash can. You will bike a quarter mile or so along the beach. It is amazing to finish on top of the cliff and to look around (tomorrow’s “photo of the day” will show you this view).

Indian Cave at BarbudaThe other cave is called the Indian Cave. First you need to come back down the road a bit and find a large rock on the beach side of the road with a building built against it. The cave is across the road and you will have to take the left fork on the short path up to the cave. This cave is interesting because it has several different rooms.

Indian Cave in Barbuda 2After you have finished exploring the caves and enjoyed the beach (you can even have a little picnic there as I surprised Melek with ????) start biking back to town. When you are about halfway there you will see a cinder block shell of a house with a red roof. If you would like to visit the Codrington’s plantation house get off the road here. Take the right fork once you are off the main road and go up 10-15 minutes and it runs right into the grounds (you will probably have to walk your bike up).

The last really cool thing to see is the Darby Sink Hole, which is a 45-minute walk across the plateau. Come back on Thursday and I will give you directions to this very cool, seldom visited, and difficult to find site.

Corington plantation in Barbuda

This is the kitchen or cook house at the plantation house.

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