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Car trouble

By June 28, 2009 No Comments

I spent last week in Dallas with my folks before returning to the boat last Sunday.  I was 7 miles from my exit south of Houston with a car load of stuff to bring on the boat and I sprung a fuel leak in the car.  I have not even moved my stuff onto the boat and I am having to do repairs!  My dock neighbor Minor, who was watching my boat, came and picked me up and then took me back to the car the next morning.  I happen to pull the car into a gas station that has a repair shop attached to it.  Another act of guidance. 

 I spent this week working on my job and cleaning out the boat.  I started by unloading the car and then removed old stuff, cleaned, and reorganized with my stuff.  It is very much like moving into an apartment, except this one is four bedroom but only 500 square feet!  Joel came down this weekend and we worked through half the electrical system.  I also got a second air conditioning window unit which moved the heat from bearable to comfortable.

 Tonight Minor and Katy came over for dinner and became the first official dinner guest.

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