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Canouan is an island divided into three diverse areas

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Canouan - Me on the boat
Canouan - church

The church you can not get to without a day pass

Canouan is a lovely island, but it was not my favorite in the Grenadines, because almost half the island is off limits. The island is shaped like a fish hook with a really big eye. Well, this eye is the northern part of the island is a private development and locals and cruisers are not allowed past the gate….actually that in not completely true since you can buy a day pass for $120 US. (WHOA!!!) This is too bad because Steve and I walked all the way up there to see the old fort and original church. Turns out both of these are inside the no go area. We could not even get around the hill to walk back on the windward side of the island.

Canouan bayThe middle section of the island is the town and we anchored on the leeward side in Charlestown Bay. This was a nice anchorage and provided lots of space and good protection. The Tamarind Hotel is a nice resort right on the beach with free wifi, bars, chairs, and hammocks. Not a bad place to relax, especially after we were attacked at a small bar down the beach, but I am going to let Steve tell you all about that adventure in the next blog. ????

Canouan Resort

The resort was quite nice

We finished our time on Canouan by motoring around the airport, which makes up the third section. I read they are building a big, nice marina on the southwest corner of the island, so we went in to look around. It will not open until April, but it is going to be SWANKY. As we cruised through a guy jumped in the marina tender and buzzed out to us. We were on our way out, but he said hi and told us about the marina. It was just about the nicest “get out of here” I have experienced. ????

Canouan - South Side

The south coast is open and you can have beaches to yourself.

We did check out two open bays on the southern coast and Glossy Bay looked great. It stretched for half a mile and not a soul on it. Talk about a private beach. When I bring my guest to this island next week I am sure they will love this bay. The other bay was Friendship Bay and it seemed ok, but a bit rolly. You can get a boat up the eastern coast inside the reef, but as far as I can tell the government has restricted access.

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