Can you imagine the devastation that happened on Montserrat?

By June 7, 2017 2 Comments
Plymouth, Montserrat after the volcano

Today’s photo of the day is the photo I feel shows the devastation the island of Montserrat suffered after the volcano erupted 20 years ago.

Melek told you yesterday her feeling of this island and tomorrow I will describe the tour we took of the island with a big focus on the eruption and the lost capital. I hope to have you come back to read it.


  • Shane says:


    I always appriciate your readership. I have to admit I did not know that about George Martin. BTW, when are you two coming back aboard? 🙂


  • Victor B says:

    This is the island where the famous George Martin (producer of the Beatles) built AIR Studios, a place where very well-know musicians recorded very recognizable music. He made a documentary of the sessions as well as the aftermath of the destruction. Very sad but a reminder of the impermanence of everything. I remember sailing by this on a cruise ship many years ago and still seeing the steam rising from the volcano. Thanks for sharing.

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