Can I keep it?

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One day this summer I was anchored in the harbor of Charlotte Amalie with the wind blowing a steady 25 knots. I was just hanging out on the boat cleaning or reading or something (I can remember) and I saw this white blob float by. It was a fender and must have came from one of the boats on the Yacht Haven Grande dock, because that is the only thing upwind of me. I hopped into the dinghy to retrieve it and when I got it I realized it was big. I mean BIG! It must have been 5 feet tall and 2.5 across. I bet it cost close to $400-500. I went to the 100-150 foot boat on the dock directly upwind of me and they had the same style fenders so I asked if they were missing one. The crew had to go look and that is when they noticed it was gone.

Can you imagine if I keep it aboard? Nothing would touch me wherever I put it on the boat, but of course it would have taken the entire fender locker to store….and the hatch would not have closed!!!

Can I keep it?

PS – Happy birthday to my middle brother.  Do you want a fender for your gift?  🙂

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