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California invaded the Virgin Islands

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This is our final day aboard the Guiding Light and Captain Shane has provided us the opportunity to share with you our week aboard. As background, my wife and I sailed with our two daughters age 21 & 14. We had taken numerous cruise ship vacations on prior vacations so we were looking for something a little more out of the ordinary and we were not disappointed. Shane picked us up at the airport, we walked to the dingy and after a very soggy beginning, we were underway on a truly unique vacation experience. Shane had already provisioned the boat so we wasted no time on that aspect. Each island we visited had its own distinct character and ambience. The snorkeling was good and varied, particularly the Indians and the Caves. Shane prepared most of the dinners and no one went hungry. Sleeping aboard the boat each night was a welcome retreat from a full day of sun, sea, and sand. Although I must admit our sleep was routinely interrupted by the nightly short-lived squalls that would force us to close the hatches until the brief rain had passed.  Not a bad thing; just a part of life at sea while cruising the BVIs! My suggestion is to bring half the clothes you think you will need,  twice the sun block, and an adventurous attitude.   All-in-all, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and plan to return again to sail on the Guiding Light.

I am the mom of this group. I have truly enjoyed my experience on the Guiding Light. Shane had provided us with some awesome meals and great homemade desserts along with lots of fun games at the end of the day. I loved snorkeling with the turtles and seeing all the amazing fish, caves, and tours on some of the islands. I did have one incident where I was snorkeling with Shane on Great Dog Island and he went one way and I went back to the boat a different way and noticed that I was surrounded by Jelly Fish and started to panic, I yelled back to the boat and Shane came to my rescue.  I am looking forward to coming back and taking another trip on the Guiding Light but maybe with just my husband and another couple.

If you haven’t tried a trip like this before you should put it on your bucket list, it was so worth it.

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