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Booty finding pirate in St Barts

By May 11, 2017 2 Comments
Sunset at Ile Fourche in St Barts
Ile Fourchue achorage

Here is the Ile Fourchue achorage

On the third day of our time in St Barts we anchored to an island called Ile Fourchue, which was about an hour north of St. Barts. It was a nice and quiet bay.

[Shane – This island is roughly halfway between the 12 miles separating St Barts from St Martin. It is very well protected and we stayed several nights while a front passed. The snorkeling is good at the points, but it was too rough for us to do that while we were there. You can also hike around the small island and it seems people have little campfires on the beach. There are moorings available, but you can also anchor behind them if you wish. The one thing to note is the rock awash southwest of the bay.]
Ile Fourchue beach

From the mooring looking at the beach at Ile Fourchue

Since I didn’t want to snorkel Shane went out on his own. I was sunbathing and waiting for him. After half an hour, he was approaching the boat, but there was something funny about the way he swam! I got up and started watching him as he could barely keep his head up the water and I knew he was up to something due to the grin on his face. As he came close he was like “honey you’re not gonna believe what I have found!” and that is when I noticed there was a huge chain around his neck (that’s why he couldn’t keep his head up of the water).

I helped him out and realized it was not just the chain he found, he also had a lot of rope, a hose, and some plug thing? And ….. He was happy as a kid! Haha.

[Shane – for the record I found 130’ of black 1/2” line, 30 feet of 5/16” stainless steel chain, a shackle, a two-foot section of 1” hose, and a plug for the dinghy drain hole. The rope, chain, and shackle were attached to a small, bent dinghy anchor and must have come from one of the small day boats. I figure it was worth at least $200 in total….SCORE!!!!]
St Barts pirate

Here is a handsome pirate with his booty just recovered


  • Shane says:


    We are headed to Saba in the morning. Looking forward to exploring above and below the water there. Right now we are at Statia and snorkleing the ruins in the water was a new experience for me. I end the BVI next year on April 18th and head down soon after that.


  • Barbars says:

    Pirate Shane bring the boat back too. That is a lovely bay for snorkling. Try for a few days at Saba. Rough nights but amazing island. I cannot remember if you went there.

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