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What are those big brown mounds in the trees?

By February 19, 2017 7 Comments
Termites Nest

If you are ever hiking around the swampy areas of a Caribbean island and noticed mounds in the trees? Do you know what they are? Well they are termite nest.

The ground is to wet for them to build a nest in so they get up in a tree. The tree you see them in is a healthy tree and htey are not attacking it. They simple use it house the nest and then build “highways” all over the place to get to dead and rotting trees. These “highways” will look like dark lines and are tunnels. They are always on the underside of the tree branches in order to protect themselfs from sun and birds.

The mounds themself look like wet mud, but are in fact quite dry. If you touch one you may be reminded of paper mache. Of course the termites will swarm out to repair any damage to the next. 

Every now and then you will find an abandoned nest on the ground and if you lift pieces up it will be heavier than you expect and be honeycombed inside with tunnels this way and that.

I hope you have found this interesting. Let me know below.

Termite Trail

Here we are looking down the trail and you can see that it is a hollow tunnel the termites move along.

Termites Nest & Trails

See all the dark lines from the next? Those are the trails made by the termites.


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