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The best way to see Cappadocia is with an organized day tour

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turkey-cappadocia-pasabagi-communityToday will be my last blog about the unbelievably cool area in the middle of Turkey called Cappadocia. As I have shown you over the last week and a half this area is filled with canyons and over the centuries residents have carved rooms, churches, and entire communities into the cliff walls and rock pillars.


To us the hollow part of this rock looks like a fig was pulled from it

In order to see this entire area, which is around 100 miles wide, you should consider taking a tour. The interesting thing is that all the tour companies have developed the same tours and even call them the sameā€¦.Red, Blue, and Green. We took the Red Tour the


Is this rock giving us the finger?

first day, which showed the sites close to the city of Goreme. The two best stops are the open air museum, which I have already written about, and Pasiagi. Here you will find the typical Cappadocian architecture, but what I like was just walking around and seeing rocks that you swear were carved. It was a nice canyon to explore and play around in.

The Green Tour takes you further afield and is what we did the second day. This tour included the Derinkuyu underground city, Selime Monastery, and Ihlara Valley.

By doing these two tours (around $30-40 each) you will get a very good view of the wonders of Cappadocia. How the area was formed and how societies have lived in the area for centuries upon centuries.


The magical beauty of Cappadocia!

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