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Best Places to see in these countries in Europe!

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Old Rome - Spanish Stairs


 As all you know we had a big tour around Western Europe this summer starting from Turkey. I thought I would give you some short suggestions for those that have missed the first half of my travel blogs about the trip!


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#Turkey: Istanbul for a look into two different empires; Cappadocia for natural amazement with fairy chimneys & balloon ride; and Troy for ancient history


#Spain: Cordoba for wonderful historic places; Barcelona for fun and atmosphere (don’t forget to eat Paella and to drink Sangria); Granada for Alhambra, the last strong hold of the Moorish invasion; and Antequera for pre-historic ruins


#Portugal: Our favorite city was Sintra for the wonderful palaces, it is like a town of tales; Porto with beautiful scenes, sweet wine, and a ride on the river;


#Andorra: It is good for skiing, beautiful mountain views and French food 


#Rome: For mostly romantic getaway but we loved the historic places and ice cream as well! As people say there is never enough time to see places in Rome! 


Have you been to any of these countries, what do you think?

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