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The Belmont Walkway is a great introduction to Bequia

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Belmont Walkway 1

Belmont Walk 4I have been dreaming of sailing The Grenadines for several years now. So, with the boat anchored in Admiralty Bay (there is plenty of spots to anchor in 10-15 feet, so no need to take any of the dicey mooring balls) and us ashore in Port Elizabeth waiting for customs to open after lunch, all I could do was gaze and smile. I have arrived in Bequia, the northern most Grenadines island.

Belmont Walkway 2Once through customs and immigrations, Steve and I walk around town and ended up on the Belmont walkway. This is the perfect way to get introduced to Bequia and Port Elizabeth, because the sidewalk runs at the edge of the southern shore of Admiralty Bay with bars, restaurants, shops, etc on the other side. After a while it goes up and down wooden stairs as you work your way around a hill and cliff. This in turn drops you off at the beginning of the postcard perfect Princess Margaret Beach.Belmont Walkway 3

The entire walk is less than half a mile, but in that space, you get to see all the boats anchored, some of the town, places for food and drink, a fantastic beach, and world class views. On the way back, we ended up stopping at Mac’s Pizza for drinks and to watch a perfect sunset. This turned out to be the beginning of a wonderful few days on Bequia and we both understood how people fall in love with this island and end up spending weeks here.

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