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When checking out the Bat Cave in Soufriere you better BEWARE!!!!

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Bat Cave 1

The Bat Cave is exactly what it sounds like…. A cave with bats in it. In fact, there are a lot of bats. The Bat Cave is a long crack up the cliffs on the north side of the bay. The cave sours up 30-50 feet and goes into the water 8 feet, but it only goes back about 15-20 feet. Kind of a weird shape, huh?

It is really cool to swim into the Bat Cave and look up to see hundreds of bats hanging directly above you, not to mention all the ones flying around. One piece of advice…..when you are in there make sure to keep your mouth closed. ????

Outside the Bat Cave the water goes from 50 foot up to 3-4 feet and the rock formation makes the snorkeling pretty cool. There are a good number of fish and the coral is colorful, but to me it was all the overhangs, trenches, cliffs, and other underwater features that I liked best. There is even a deep channel leading up to the Bat Cave itself.

This is where my warning to you comes from. The local tour boats like to take guest to the caves and when they do they stick the bow almost into the Bat Cave. The biggest problem with this is that they come zooming in. I was diving down on a rock 15 feet deep and while I was down there I could here a boat, but could not figure out where it was because it was moving to fast. Well when I finally surfaced I ended up 3 feet from the engines and the captain did not seem to care much. He acted like it was my fault for snorkeling where he wanted to go.

That was when Steve and I said we had seen enough and went back to the dinghy to find somewhere else to snorkel! Too bad, because this really was a cool spot to snorkel.

Bat Cave 2

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