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Asa Wright Nature Center is an amazing mountain retreat in Trinidad

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Asa Wright Nature Center 1

In the northern mountains of Trinidad you will find the Asa Wright Nature Center deep in the rainforest. Being up here in the cool wet climate was so tranquil you could almost hear time slowing down. In the brief 2-3 hours I was a visitor I was taken on a long nature walk by an very knowledgeable guide who showed us many rain forest plants and flowers, at least 15 different birds, and leaf cutter ant mounds that were six feet high and across. We had a wonderful lunch in the dinning hall (although when I added sugar to my after lunch tea and found out it was salt that was not so wonderful…..tea can really fly when spit out in disgust, just saying haha) and were then taken down to the small waterfall which had a damn to make a bathing pool and was surrounded by ting tree frogs. So magical!!!!!

Asa Wright Nature Center - bathing poolThe Asa Wright Nature Center start life as a home built by Charles Meyer in 1906-8 on a cocoa estate known as Clearwater. Newcombe and Asa Wright bought the property in the late 40’s and it became know for easy access to various birds and many research field studies were done here. After her husband passed away, she formed the Asa Wright Nature Center on 22 Dec. 1967 as a trust to protect the property. To add to the center the New York Zoological Society donated the adjacent estate, Simla, to the trust in 1974.

Asa Wright Nature Center - dining hallAs wonderful as everything was I think my favorite thing was just sitting on the veranda and watching the dozen hummingbirds drink from the various feeders. I could have sat there with some tea for a couple hours and they are only one of 159 species of birds found on the estate. After visiting for a couple hours I am intrigued with seeing the oilbirds in Dunston Cave, which are the only nocturnal flying fruit-eating birds in the world. In order to do this you must stay at the Asa Wright Nature Center for a minimum of three nights for $235-150 per person. The Asa Wright Nature Center 2rates are all inclusive and vary depending on the season. My answer is OK! Where do I sign up? Next time I am in Trinidad I am definitely doing this!!!!

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