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Anse La Raye is a great little fishing village with a couple waterfalls nearby

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Anse La Raye waterfall

The next three blogs I am going to write are about bays that are all within a two mile stretch of St Lucia coast line. We are going to start with Anse La Raye where we anchored in 20 feet of water tucked into the northern part of the cove with some rocks providing protection from any existing swell. The entire northern part of the cove is a 50 foot or so cliff.

Anse La Raye houses

Do you love these houses?

As soon as we got to shore I knew I liked this tiny fishing village. I do not think they get a whole lot of cruisers or tourist, so you get a much more authentic feel to the town. The houses are all small, but I found them quite cozy and wonderful. Some are in fantastic shape while others are quite weathered, but it really added to the feel of the town.

There are two rivers on either side of town and both have waterfalls. The northern river goes to the River Rock Falls, which has been sculpted in order to enhance the waterfall and provide a wonderful park with tables, lawns, and gardens. I am told that it is quite easy to do the 2 miles walk down the road, but I was warned about possible robberies.

We chose instead to do the southern falls, not because of the robberies, but because it was natural and less trafficked. The cruising guide calls this the Bois de Nave Falls, but a guide up there called it the Emerald Falls. It is very easy to get to……as long as you don’t listen to all the advice you will receive in town. Haha. Go to the beautiful church and start walking into the interior. You will cross the main road (there is a bridge to the right a block down) and quickly come to a fork in the road. Take the right part of the fork and start walking. It is a two-mile walk, but the terrain is fairly level except for a short incline at the quarry. Once you get past there it is less than 10 minutes. You will come to the entrance and at this time you drop down to the river and walk another quarter mile right to the falls.

Anse La Raye -waterfall turn off

This is where you get off the road and follow the river

The falls is around 70-80 feet high and has a couple streams coming down into four pools at different levels. The lower you go the deeper the pools with the bottom one being a little over waist deep. This is a spring fed river and falls and the source of drinking water for the villages below. There are signs saying no swimming, but then you have guides telling you the sign is old and it is ok. What are you going to do? ????

This waterfall was easy to get to (you could even ride bikes to it) and well worth the photo opportunities alone.

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