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Anse Cochon offers a great day stop for snorkeling and fun

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Anse Cochon reef

On Tuesday I told you about a hike we did to a waterfall near Anse la Raye, so today I am going to tell you about the snorkel stop we did to cool off once back aboard. Anse Cochon is only a mile south and is a great day stop. There are mooring available and a bar ashore. The only negative was the boat boys in kayaks racing around to help you with your mooring lines and sell you jewelry and other things. It is not that they are a bad thing, I mean they are simply trying to earn a living. I just do not like it when they get aggressive and demand a ridiculous amount for picking up a mooring line….something every boater can do on their own and took all of two minutes out of the boat boys time. My recommendation is simply hand them $5 EC (around $2 US) and insist that you are not giving anymore as that is the going and fair rate!!!!

Anse Cochon lionfish

A couple lionfish. I saw many here, which is sad since they are invasive.

Now that that is taken care of it is time to snorkel this awesome bay. My friend and I chose to do the north side, but the south side is equally as good. We saw all kinds of sea life including way to many lion fish (they need to spear them and get them out of there). My favorite thing was the sharp tail eel we saw sliding along the coral. My friend Steve’s favorite was watching a pair of trumpet fish.

Anse Cochon shrimp

Hey there little shrimp!!!

One thing we learned and is not in the cruising guide is that there is freighter sunk in the middle of the outer part of the bay. There are two red moorings marking it and it sits in around 50 feet of water, but the deck is around 35 feet down. The bow and stern are the most interesting sections of this 200+ freighter and I got some get footage of it, but you will have to wait for the travel video ????.

Ashore you can grab drinks and food at Ti Kaye and there is a resort of some type on the hill above it. It would be easy enough to spend another several hours (if not all day) in this bay, but you are not allowed to stay overnight. Plus, we wanted to check out a waterfall near Canaries (a mile south), so off we went. But I will save that adventure for Saturday, which is not the best day for blogs so please make sure you come back to read about it and support my writings. Thanks!!!!!

Anse Cochon shipwreck

What do you think of that shipwreck?

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