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Another way of thinking is a good thing

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Working in the yard

Sometimes you need to step back and have someone else look at a project to give you a fresh perspective and another way to look at a problem. This was brought up last week when I was over helping my friend Damon with a busted sprinkler system. It would not turn on and we determined the common wire must be cut somewhere. Damon want to dig it up to look for the break when I suggested we run another wire from the box to the first junction and see if that is the issue. Low and behold it worked and we save the time digging if that was not it. We then decided to forget the old wire (and the hassle of digging it up and just ran a new one and buried it. The second set of eyes probably saved 2-3 hours.

Working in the yard

See I am still useful even off the boat!

This happens all the time on boats. I had a buddy that was working on his toilet and could not get it to work. He finally asked me to come over and I looked at it with fresh eyes. I asked for a flathead screw driver and a hammer (not what you usually want to hear on a boat) and tapped the inside of the bowl. A part fell out and I told him that it was obstructing the new part going in. I say this not because I am good, but you need a fresh perspective to help with a problem you have been working on. I have been on the other side and spent hours trying to make heads or tails of something when someone else came in and said look right here and boom it was solved.

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