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Another propane tank

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Getting the old one off New valveFilling on the scaleIt is full!!!!

On most boats propane is very important, because you can not have hot coffee with out it. 🙂

With that said my boat came with a locker to hold two 10 pound tanks. One is the one in use and the other is a backup. When I first got the boat I installed a line to have propane to the BBQ and use the backup tank for that propose, but lately I have wanted another tank for the grill and a backup.

Well last summer my friend Bill on Steppin Up had an extra tank he sold me for $10. The problem was it had an old style valve and would not work with my fittings. I ended up finding a new valve for $36.50 (that includes the shipping) at

I then went to St Thomas Gas and asked if they would take the old valve off since that is what they do for their own tanks and have the tools already made and ready to go. Well the guys said he could not do it even though that is what he was doing to the company tanks. Therefore I went next door to Antilles Gas and the guy was awesome. He replaced the valve and filled the tank while explaining all the safety features of my new valve the whole time.

If you are on St Thomas please help me support Antilles Gas, by only using them for your propane needs.

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