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Another example of governments stopping success!!!!!

By June 19, 2016 18 Comments

I want to start this particular blog off by saying that I have no affiliation with Pizza Pi except that I like their business concept, the pizzas are delicious, and my guest love when we spend the night in Christmas Cove and finish the day with their pizza. 

The reality is that this is the type of business that is profitable especially if you choose an ideal location for it.

Tara has been running a success story from the moment she opened her hatch two years ago and this year she had a group of 5-6 “Pie Girls” helping her out. The Pizza Pi boat was anchored at the head of Christmas Cove on the back side of Great St James Island. All she ever did was make amazing pizzas and make Christmas Cove even better!!!!!

Now all of a sudden the local government will not allow them to be in Christmas Cove, because their anchor permit has expired. Of course the insane part is that the only reason their permit expired is that the local government has suspended issuing ANY new anchor permits. I guess they don’t like getting the permit money!?!?! Well since they do not have a legal permit they were told they had to move 2-3 miles away to the outskirts of Red Hook, where there old permit was registered…..even though it is still expired. So boys and girls let me recap…the local government will not issue anyone a new anchoring permit and Pizza Pi’s expired. Therefore they are not allowed to anchor without a valid permit in Christmas Cove, where they have been allowed to run their business for the last 2 years, but they are allowed to anchor in Red Hook without the same permit.

Does this make sense to anyone outside of government employees? I mean seriously can someone explain the logic that apparently turns on the minute a person is employed by any government (be it local, state, or federal)?

On a side note there are some of us that are concerned this is the beginning of  an attempt by slimeball Jeffery Epstein to kick all boats out of Christmas Cove. This is a man who ran a sex scandal on Little St James Island (the next island over). He would hire (maybe kidnap?) underage girls to pleasure himself and any of his guest, which have reported to include Bill Clinton, Prince Andrews, and Kevin Spacey to name a few. Yesterday I found a fantastic read about all those premature ejaculation problems, lasting longer in bed etc. That articles open my eyes. Let me repeat these were UNDERAGE girls!!!!! And he only spent 18 months in jail. If you would like to read more check out this article.

Well the “upstanding” citizen Jeffery Epstein has now bought Great St James Island, where Christmas Cove is. It seems just like government’s “business as usual” to kick out a successful, community geared small business and let a mega rich slimeball buy an island and make it his own private playground.

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Another example of how easy it is to get away with whatever you want as long as you have the money to pay off the right people!!!!! Are you as disgusted as I am?


  • sylvia says:

    I LIKE CHOCOLATE SYRUP ON VANILLA ICE CREAM when reading things such as this. 🙂

  • Kristin says:

    HI. it sucks loosing the pizza biz there. Does anyone know when the pagan temple was built on Little Saint James Island?

  • David says:

    There are so many anchored boats in Christmas Cove that should be removed because they are eyesores, doing construction, just sitting there taking up mooring space. Pizza Pi is contributing value to the economy and tourism industry of the USVI. They should be paying Pizza Pi to anchor there.

  • Shane says:


    In theory you are correct. Back in the 90’s the USVI government actively pushed charter business away while the BVI encourage businesses to set up over there. That is why the BVI is the charter capital of the world and the USVI is the ugly step kid in most peoples view. Sadly this did not really spurn the government to make cruising easier.

  • Shane says:

    You are correct, except they were given the DPNR blessing to be in Christmas Cove and now they are not.

  • Shane says:

    Well said Quani!!!!

  • Shane says:


    You have the right to your opinion!

    He was convicted and there were underage females on the island.

    I am allowed to have my own opinion and I do not feel that putting underage females in any situation that is in violation of their innocence is acceptable. I just don’t want it to happen again.

  • Shane says:


    There is no one, gringo or local, doing what Pizza Pi is doing.

    If the island owner had his way I am sure he would prefer this anchorage, that was first used in Dec 25 1493 by Christopher Columbus, be his own private bay without any “low income” scum cramping his style.

  • Shane says:


    Andy is right about the fact that any land up to the high tide mark is public, plus just because he owns the island does not mean he has the right to violate your girls. Period. You still have to fallow the laws.

  • STJ ! says:

    Wasn’t their original permit for vessup?
    Don’t think they ever had the permit for Christmas cove

  • Quani Zoe says:

    Are you kidding Fred? That guy is the most disgusting peace of sh**t anywhere near this end of the Caribbean. Open your eyes and your browser. Yeah Deb he has somehow (money) been allowed to retain ownership of the island but he does not own the water. Until good people stand up to the corrupt government things like this will continue. Those who can afford to payoff officials get whatever they want, right or wrong.

  • Fred Thomas says:

    What is the really sick accusations doing on this page? No evidence of any kind to allow accusations of sexual abusers being guilty, let charged in being child sexual abusers. That’s sick and per Christ “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”.

  • Harry Mclaughlin says:

    could it be the locals do not want gringos to compete for business? or is it the new owner does not want anchorage close to his island.

  • Andy says:

    He may own the island, but he doesn’t own the sea around it. It’s public right up to the high tide line.

  • Deb says:

    Well right or not he owns the island. He can do whatever he wants.

  • Wally Moran says:

    You realize – if enough people say to hell with it and refuse to travel there, or charter there, and make their views known to the local businesses, things could change fairly quickly….it will take pressure, and money is pressure – as is losing money.

  • Tracy says:

    I just re registered my boat today June an anchor permit.

  • Renee Sawyer says:

    Yes disgusted. They should have booted him off little St. James when he was prosecuted and seized his property.

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