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Annaly Pool is a fantastic hike on St Croix

By March 1, 2016 2 Comments
Annely Pool

If you are on St Croix and want to do a good fun hike, I suggest going to the Annaly Pool, I do suggest to search for: pool management companies near me online, just in case you are worried about any danger, they can help you out.

I have done this hike twice and have read other’s comments on how tough the trail is to follow and how strenuous the hike is. Quite frankly I am amazed. The trail is 2.7 miles each way and while there is a few steep hills they are relatively short. I did the hike both times in sandals and my friend wore flip flops. Even then it only took 50 minutes each way. In fact I would have no problem taking children from 7 or so and older with me.

To start the hike drive to the Carambola Resort on the north shore. When you get to the guard shack and gate take the left turn right in front of it. There is a flat parking area a couple 100 yards up the hill for your car. You pick up the trail by following the road just below the parking lot to the right. After a couple 100 feet you will see a trail on the right side with a sign saying “Trumbull Trail 2.7 miles”.

Leala in the tall grass

Leala in the tall grass

The trail will head up and down through the forest as it winds around the resort. When you get to the top of the steepest hill you are roughly halfway there. After a while you will be in 4-foot-tall grass with amazing views of the ocean and coast. From here you are heading down and will pick up a 4×4 road, which you need to turn right on to. Another quarter mile and you are on the rocky beach. The pool is to the left. The final step is the most dangerous, since you have to climb over and around the rocks right at the water level. No big deal unless the swell is strong and then you have to time your rounding the rocks in between the waves.

The pool itself is fantastic. It is a 100 feet long and protected by a natural rock wall. In my opinion the best time to visit is during the winter and early spring when there is a north swell running. This way the waves can crash over the wall and you will have several small waterfalls. Even then the pool is quite calm, but please do not go on top of the wall during this time because you risk being sweep out to sea.

A lot of people call this a tide pool, but remember there is only about a one-foot tide around here and that does not affect much. It is the north swell that will affect the water action in the pool and the dangerous of getting around the rocks to get to the pools. With that said I love this hike and playing in the pool and I will probably always come here when I am on the island.


  • Shane says:


    Absolutely you have my permission to use the photo in your exhibit. Anything to help the NPS. You guys do a fantastic job. If you can put the website on the photo credit that would be great. When does the exhibit open? I might write a blog about it on the website.


  • Meredith Hardy says:

    Good afternoon –

    I am creating a museum exhibit about the natural history and resources of St. Croix, and would like to use your image of the Annaly Tide Pool. Please let me know if you are interested in allowing its use, and proper attribution. Thank you.

    Meredith Hardy
    National Park Service

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