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Anegada is our island

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See the rainbow? Play time Full moons? Gotta get turtle time in

Captain Shane planned a great itinerary for the trip, with stops at some of the most amazing locations for sightseeing and snorkeling. The farthest point we reached on our route, Anegada Island, was tops for both…and had one of the best off-boat dinners we had. It took several hours of sailing to get to the island, but the time spent getting there was worth it once we saw the flat landscape of the island come into view. While most of the islands in the chain are hilly and green, Anegada is a sandy strip of land with small trees surrounded by the turquoise water of the ocean. Shane contacted the Anegada Island Beach Club, and we were able to get a ride to the resort for a little pool time and fruity drinks at the thatch-roofed bar. During our 10-minute ride, we passed a sign for Cow Wreck Beach – which we wondered at, especially considering the cows we saw on the island were a little skinny for our standards. We later learned that all the cows on the island are descendants of animals that swam ashore after a shipwreck off the island.

Our outing for the day was followed up by dinner at Neptune’s Treasure – one of a couple painted block buildings that surrounded the lagoon we anchored for the night at Anegada. At Neptunes, you don’t just make reservations, you have to come in early and order dinner for later (great for me, since I tend to hem and haw over the menu with the server and other guests waiting on me to make up my mind!). When we arrived for our meal, our food came out quickly and was absolutely delicious. I don’t know how we’ll pick a favorite day out of the seven spent on the Guiding Light, but the location, beautiful beaches, places to go and awesome food puts Anegada at the top of the list.



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