The ancient Roman city of Volubilis is a World Heritage Site

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Volubilis from afar

Volubilis archwayBecause it is an extraordinary example of Roman culture on the fringe of the empire.

From Fez I caught a 30-45 minute train to Meknes in order to get a ride up to Volubilis. I read you can take a grand taxi for 10-20 dirham to Moulay Idriss Zerhoun (which is named after the Arab conquer and the beginning of Islam in Morocco) and then take a petit taxi from there. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans. Turns out I had to hire the grand taxi for about 200 dirham (about $23) and he would take me straight to Volubilis, wait as I explored for an hour, and then bring me back (300 if I wanted to visit Moulay Idriss Zerhoun also). It was worth it!!!

Volubilis forumThis was a Roman city of up to 20,000 people sitting on the far western edge of the empire. It was lost in 280 and never reclaimed, but locals continued to occupy the site for another 700 years or so. As you would expect with 2000+ year old buildings most of them were just foundations, but many of the houses were large and had some wonderful mosaics on the floors.

I am having a tough time deciding if the mosaics were my favorite part of the site or the columns of the Forum and arch of triumph. These stood quite prominent at the top of the small hill with the city spreading out from here.

I felt an hour is the least amount of time you should consider spending here and an hour and a half would be better. Make sure you bring a hat, water, and sunscreen because it is out in the sun and there is zero shade!!!!!

Volubilis mosaics

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