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Adventure Mode ON – Frigate Birds in Barbuda

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Melek & George going to frigate birds in Barbuda

Frigate birds in Barbuda 1On Thursday I told you about our first day in Barbuda and the adventure we had! Today I will continue with the second half of that day as after a tiring morning of biking, the second half was definitely easier. After seeing the caves and the nice beach we had a little romantic picnic under a sea grape tree. We of course had to cycle back (at this point I might have mentioned couple of times that I might be dying soon ????) which took around an hour! On the way we wanted to find the way to a cool sounding sink hole, but as there are no signs to anywhere in this town we couldn’t! [Shane – I did make it the next day with our guide and will tell you how soon]

Frigate birds in Barbuda 2We met our guide, George, at the harbor and got our bikes and us on his little boat! He told us about the history of the town and then took us on tour to the frigate birds colony. I didn’t know what to expect  but I was happy to be able to sit. Although after a while George was speeding in the lagoon and we were jumping up and down on the wooden seat (after a day of cycling it was a bit painful ????). Then we arrived to the colony and I couldn’t believe my eyes as there were thousands of birds living on the mangroves in the middle of the lagoon and they were all so pretty! It was a quiet place and the only things you can hear are the birds.

Frigate birds in Barbuda 3George explained the all black ones were the adult males, the black and white ones were the adult females, and all the babies had white heads so you don’t know their gender until they are 2 years old! So, they have a baby and they don’t know the gender is until they are 2 years old. Which in George’s opinion the parents knew anyway. Haha. I was astonished with what I saw, they were so beautiful and the place was so calm and nice! That’s one of the experiences that I will remember all my life (the last time I felt that was in Jordan). If you ever come to Barbuda I would highly recommend you to go and see the frigate birds… [Shane – by regulation you can only go with a guide and I highly recommend George Jeffery, VHF: Garden of Eden or phone:788-7067]

Frigate birds in Barbuda 4

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