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A starter is like coffee for your engine

By February 5, 2015 No Comments
Engine starter

For the last week my starboard engine was having trouble starting. Funny thing was that I would try again an hour later and it would fire right up.

I thought my battery was dead, but after having it tested (it was marginal at best) and replacing it anyways the engine still did not start. Since I was on a 48 hour turn I did not have a lot of time to mess around. I went ahead and bought a brand new jump starter, since I concluded this was the issue after the battery and connections had been addressed.

It took about 45 minutes to replace the starter and guess what? The engine jumped alive like it had just swallowed a double espresso and is ready for the next charter.

I am going to have the old one repaired so I can have a spare aboard for future issues.

Engine starter

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