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A pet pelican?

By June 25, 2015 2 Comments

Over in Paracus along the water front there is a gentleman that has a few trained pelicans. He feeds them small fish and has them flapping their wings, scwacking, and begging for the fish. All this so the tourist can take photos or feed the bird themselves. Of course he expects to be given money to do this, but for the equivalent of 33-66 cents, I think it is worth it, because they are huge and entertaining to watch.

A side note – I like the 3rd photo where the pelican is just hanging out with his amigos.

 A guy and his pet PelicansJust hanging out with my amigos


  • Shane says:


    Your point is well taken and I will try and be more helpful in the future. Thank you for reading.

  • Sheila Grant says:

    Love your posts. One favor though. Most of us are not as well-traveled as you are. Could you be a little more specific when you name a place? For example: Paracus. Yes, we can look it up but it would just be helpful if you could give a little more information. My fiancĂ©e used to own his own sailboat and has traveled extensively but sometimes even he doesn’t know where you are talking about.

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